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NiMH Battery Shaves Millimeters Off Cell Thickness

With a thickness of less than 5 mm, the V450HR series NiMH battery is significantly thinner than other batteries of its kind. Until now, the thinnest prismatic NiMH batteries available measured 6 and 7 mm thick. The V450HR battery, which has a 34- by 24-mm footprint, targets portable electronic applications such as mobile phones and PDAs.

In addition to its low profile, the V450HR features a high discharge capacity. Rated for 460 mAh, it delivers continuous currents up to 2.25 A and pulses up to 10 CA. It can be fast-charged at 1 CA/−dV, and unlike other NiMH cells, it can be trickle-charged without reducing its life expectancy. Its self-discharge rate is said to be 50% lower than the rate for similar products. After one month of storage at 20°C, available capacity is 80%.

Life expectancy is 1000 IEC cycles, or up to six years in trickle charge at room temperature. UL recognition is pending. The company plans to follow the V450HR, which specifies thickness at 4.9 mm maximum, with a 4.5-mm version. In 1000s, pricing is $1.42 per battery, with delivery from stock.

Varta Batteries Inc., 300 Executive Blvd., Elmsford, NY 10523; Sales and Engineering, (800) 431-2504, ext. 189; [email protected]; www.varta.com.

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