Offline Flyback Transformers Reduce Footprint By 30%

Offline Flyback Transformers Reduce Footprint By 30%

Targeting smart-metering applications, Wurth Electronics Midcom’s MID-MHC flyback transformer series meets safety standards that require high creepage and clearance while reducing footprint by 30% over the previous generation. The transformers’ core and bobbin design employs a modified EP-core on a raised bobbin. The resulting package supports creepage and clearance requirements up to 14 mm primary-to-secondary, and up to 8 mm between two secondary outputs. The raised design allows this to occur on a 22.1- by 15.7-mm footprint that’s 30% to 60% smaller than existing designs using horizontal E-core packages. In addition, noise performance improves thanks to the EP-core design. The MID-MHC series’ universal input offline transformers have one to three outputs of 3.3 to 24 V.


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