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Offline Switching Regulators Keep Standby Power Low

Four monolithic, offline switching regulators with integrated power switches simplify implementation of switch-mode power supplies with low standby power, facilitating compliance with Energy Star and Blue Angel recommendations.

The NCP1012 and NCP1013 fixed-frequency current-mode controllers boast 700-V MOSFETs on-chip. Each model is available in two versions: one designed for 100-kHz operation and one for 133 kHz. A distinguishing feature of these regulators, skip-cycle operation, eliminates the audible noise that may occur in competitive products.

The regulators offer programmed current limits of 250 (1012) or 350 mA (1013), along with the ability to select from several preset limits. The chips obtain bias directly from a high-voltage input rail, eliminating the need for a transformer auxiliary winding, while a true soft-start capability prevents component damage from excess heating and overstress at power-up.

Offered in seven-lead PDIPs, the NCP1012 and NCP1013 cost $0.55 per unit in 10,000-unit quantities.

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