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Online Power-Management Design Tool Cuts Down On Iterations

Aiming to simplify power-management circuit design, International Rectifier has expanded its online design tools and added three reference designs for its POWIR+ chip sets. The first series of POWIR+ chip sets are based on IR’s IR3637S and IR3637AS controllers. They target single-phase synchronous buck converter applications in computing and high-end consumer applications.

Available in three power levels of 6, 12, and 18 A, the IRPP3637-06A, IRPP3637-12A, and IRPP3637-18A reference designs accelerate the design process while eliminating design iterations. In addition to the three reference designs available, users may modify any of the standard designs online to create custom circuits.

The IRPP3637-06A is optimized for low-current applications requiring reduced size and component count. The IRPP3637-12A is optimized for medium-current applications. And, the IRPP3637-18A is optimized for medium- to high-current applications that require excellent thermal performance while maintaining an emphasis on cost-effectiveness.

POWIR+ reference designs are available with a full suite of online simulation tools. Simulation capabilities include small- and large-signal analysis, switching waveforms, and performance analysis for all components.

When customizing a standard design, users adjust system-level inputs to affect tradeoffs in performance criteria such as electrical efficiency, power loss, junction temperature, size, and bill-of-materials costs. Once complete, the circuit can be simulated online and ordered as a fully tested, characterized design. Designs can be customized to operate within an input voltage range of 3.0 to 13.2 V, an output voltage range of 0.8 to 5.0 V, and switching frequencies of 400 or 600 kHz.

The first series of standard POWIR+ chip set reference designs is available immediately. Customized reference designs are available one to two weeks ARO. Pricing for each standard reference design is $150 in single-unit quantities. Pricing for each customized reference design is $250 in single-unit quantities.

Data sheets are available at www.irf.com. The online simulation and customization tools are available at http://powirplus.irf.com.

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