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Op Amp Cuts Power And Noise

For densely populated, thermally sensitive instrumentation applications that requires high-speed signal conditioning. Analog Devices’ single-channel 850-MHz ADA4857 high-speed voltage feedback op amp combines a number of desirable features. It burns only 5 mA, less than half that of other amps in its class. Also, it reduces input noise to 4.4 nV/vHz, also half that of competing amps. Its –91-dBc distortion specification at 10 MHz gives it a 10-dB improvement in that department.

Sampling now, full volume production is scheduled for April. The chip comes in 3- by 3-mm chip-scale packaging and in an eight-lead small-outline IC (SOIC). A dual version comes in a slightly larger (4- by 4-mm) package. The single version costs $0.85 per unit, and the dual version costs $1.39, both in quantities of 1000 units.

ANALOG DEVICESwww.analog.com

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