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Op Amps Squeeze More Life Out Of Battery-Powered Systems

Typically consuming less than 1 µW at the quiescent state with a 1.4-V supply, the MCP614X family of operational amplifiers cost-effectively improves performance and increases the operational life of high-performance battery-powered systems. The op amps feature a gain bandwidth product (GBWP) of 100 kHz, an ultra-low typical quiescent current of 600 nA, and a maximum quiescent current of 1 µA. The MCP6141 (single), MCP6142 (dual), MCP6143 (single with chip select), and MCP6144 (quad) op amps offer rail-to-rail input and output that lets designers use the full voltage supply range from 5.5 V down to 1.4-V supply operation. All of the op amps operate from −40°C to 85°C. They're stable for applications with a gain of 10 V/V or better, including sensors, portable instrumentation, radio-frequency identification tags, pH meters, and solar-powered systems. They also work for devices powered by a single communication loop, such as phones, security devices, and building safety devices. The op amps are available in eight-pin DIP, SOIC, and MSOP packages, as well as 14-pin PDIP, SOIC, and TSSOP packages. The MCP6141, MCP6142, MCP6143, and MCP6144 cost $0.44, $0.58, $0.46, and $1.02 each, respectively, in 1000-unit quantities.

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