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PA Reaches New Heights


The RFS P2020 power amplifier (PA) is said to offer the highest efficiency and range for the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) 802.11b and the draft 802.11g standards. This multimode PA is a high-performance InGaP HBT integrated circuit. It is simultaneously optimized for maximum performance in both the 802.11b and 802.11g modes. The PA's high efficiency is maintained with on-chip self-regulating dynamic power control. It can therefore provide maximum efficiency at both low and high power levels in 802.11b and 802.11g modes. The result is extended system battery life. The P2020 is equipped with a sleep-mode feature that limits the current consumption to less than 1 µA when it is not in use.

Designed to integrate with WLAN transceiver chip sets, it is housed in a small 3-×-3-mm2 LPCC package. The power amplifier operates from a single 3.3-V power supply. It sports an available power gain of 30 dB. In the 802.11b mode, the P2020 PA meets all Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) requirements at an output power of +23 dBm. In the 802.11g mode, a data rate of 54 Mbps and an output power of +20 dBm give the P2020 an error vector magnitude (EVM) of less than 4%. It consumes 140 mA.

The RFS P2020 power amplifier is now available.

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