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Packaging Option Saves Space For Regulator Diodes And JFETs

Ten new current regulator diodes plus five of firm's JFETs are being sampled in a new SOT-23 package designed to reduce the space requirements for these devices in a wide range of test equipment and instrumentation applications. The new SST5xx current regulator diodes offer nominal current ranges from 0.43 to 4.7 mA. Operating voltages are said to be as low as 1V, while all 10 devices are 45V rated to protect against surge voltages. Used for current limiting, timing circuits, and controlling current, the devices are designed to save space because their simple series circuitry requires no separate voltage source. Available previously only in the TO-92 package, the five JFETs include the n-channel SSTJ211 and SSTJ212, which serve as smaller alternatives to the TO-9211 and J212 and as a performance upgrade for the SST4416 in high-frequency amplifier applications. Three p-channel devices-the SST5460, SST5461 and SST5462-provide space savings in low-current, low-voltage amps, high-side switching, and ultra-high input impedance pre-amp applications.


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