Electronic Design

PC/104 Connector Defines Isolated Power Supply

The model 207 PC/104 isolated power supply features 1500-V maximum I/O isolation and an operating temperature range of - 25°C to 71°C. It converts input voltages of 9 to 36 V dc to output voltages of 5 V dc at 2 A maximum or ±12 V dc at 0.42 A maximum. Three different terminations are available to apply input power. A spring-loaded terminal block accepts two wires without using a connector or wire terminal lugs. Two output terminations are also available. A resettable fuse protects the unit from reverse input voltages and overcurrent conditions. The Model 207 5-V output version and 5- and 12-V version cost $159 and $240, respectively.

(503) 684-8005

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