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PFC Chip Simplifies High-Density Designs

Promising to ease high-density designs from 75W to 4 kW, the IR1150 family of micro power factor correction (microPFC) ICs employs the company’s one cycle control method to deliver the performance of continuous-conduction mode PFC with the reliability and low component count of discontinuous current mode. This method does not have an analog multiplier, input voltage sensing, or fixed oscillator ramp. Instead, it uses a proprietary integrator with a reset circuit. Four devices in the family, the IR1150S, IR1150IS, IR1150SPbF, and IR1150ISPbF, enable a PF of 0.999 with a 4% THD. In SO-8 packages, shared features include an operating voltage from 13V to 22V, an output current of ±1.5A, and an operating frequency range from 50 to 200 kHz. The IR1150SPbF and IR1150ISPbF are lead-free devices with consumer and industrial temperature ranges, respectively, while the IR1150S and IR1150IS specify consumer and industrial temperature ranges, respectively. Price for the IR1150S or IR1150SPbF is $1.05 each/10,000 and for the IR1150IS or IR1150ISPbF is $1.38 each. For more details, contact Wayne Yoshida at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7726.


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