Electronic Design

PFC Controller Integrates Resonant Controller

The NCP1901 power factor correction (PFC) controller from ON Semi integrates a resonant half-bridge controller into a single package, enabling off-line adapters with a minimal form factor while meeting worldwide efficiency standards.

Overall voltage regulation is maintained by adjusting the PFC output voltage. This allows a fixed frequency resonant controller to be utilized, reducing the transformer size and maximizing efficiency. The resonant controller has an integrated half-bridge driver rated at 600 V, eliminating the need for an external driver or gate-drive transformer. A 600-V startup circuit allows direct connection to the bulk capacitor, promising to improve efficiency at light loads through the omission of startup resistors.

Price for the NCP1901 is $1.95 each per 2,500 in RoHS-compliant SOIC-16 or SOIC-20 packages. For additional information, visit www.onsemi.com

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