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PFC Controller Line Expanded With Enhanced Features, Functions

Four additions to ON Semiconductor’s line of power-factor-correction (PFC) controllers complement existing units with improved features, new and innovative control methods, and added functions that aid in the design of efficient switch-mode power supplies.

The NCP1605 is an enhanced, high-voltage and efficient standby-mode PFC that can work in fixed-frequency discontinuous conduction-mode (DCM) or in critical conduction mode (CCM). It incorporates all the features needed to build robust PFC stages and can operate as a PFC master, ensuring that a supply’s second stage starts up only under safe conditions.

The NCP1606 series are CCM PFCs specifically designed for use as pre-converters in electronic ballasts, ac adapters, flat TVs, and other low- to mid-power off-line converters, typically up to 300 W. These devices incorporate adjustable overvoltage protection and built-in undervoltage protection. The NCP1606A and NCP1606B provide a pin-to-pin compatible replacement for industry-standard devices. The NCP1606B further reduces power losses with a lower overvoltage protection current and a lower current-sense threshold.

The NCP1654 and NCP1655 are CCM devices that control the power-switch conduction time in a fixed-frequency mode and in relation to the instantaneous coil current. They also integrate safety features like a brownout function and an effective input-power runaway clamping circuitry, while minimizing the number of external components needed. The NCP1654 is pin-to-pin compatible with industry standard devices, while the NCP1655 offers a pin-to-pin upgrade for ON Semiconductor’s popular NCP1653.

The NCP1605 comes in a SOIC-16 package and costs $1.07 each in quantities of 1000. The NCP1606 devices come in SOIC-8 packages for $0.335 each in lots of 2500, as well as PDIP-8 packages at $0.405 each in 1000-piece quantities. The NCP1654 and NCP1655 come in SOIC-8 packages at $0.80 each in quantities of 2500 or PDIP-8 packages at $0.88 each for 1000. All packages are lead-free.

For additional details, visit www.onsemi.com.

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