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Photonics Controls Are Compact And Simple

Photonics Controls Are Compact And Simple

Promoted as being affordable, compact, and easy to use, the CONEX family of photonics-control instruments consists of three devices that connect via USB plug-and-play technology. Multiple units can connect to a single USB port and for CONEX-PSD9 and CONEX-IOD models the USB port also powers the modules. Intuitive LabVIEW-based software provides a GUI for each module and a comprehensive set of LabVIEW virtual instruments is also available. The CONEX-CC motor controller/driver is a motor controller/driver for the company’s low-power dc servo motor stages or actuators. The CONEX-PSD9 position-sensing detector provides XY position information of laser beams and is suitable for laser beam stabilization, laser tracking, and general beam diagnostics. Additionally, the CONEX-IOD general purpose I/O module works with many third party devices and features both digital I/Os and 12-bit analog I/O interfaces. NEWPORT CORP., Irvine, CA. (800) 222-6440.


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