PIMs Simplify Energy Monitoring

PIMs Simplify Energy Monitoring

The PIM4328PD and PIM4328PDA 540- to 648-W low-profile quarter-brick power interface modules (PIMs) from Ericsson offer both I2C-based and PMBus-based serial bus communications, simplifying board power monitoring without external components. They comply with the 300-W de facto industry-standard footprint and are based on the company’s high-efficiency PIM4328P analog platform.

The modules embed an industry-standard I2C/PMBus digital interface, which enables users to monitor the input and hold-up voltages, output current, and device temperature. They can be used with any standard two-wire I2C or SMBus host device.

The PIM4328PD is compatible with PMBus version 1.2 and supports bus clock frequencies from 10 to 400 kHz. Via the PMBus interface, it can monitor various different parameters and status/fault flags, in addition to continuously monitoring Feed A voltage, Feed B voltage, output current, holdup voltage, internal junction temperature, and status/fault flags such as feed under voltage, Output 1 under voltage, and hot-swap off.

Via the I2C interface, the PIM4328PDA can monitor six status bits and five analog measurements including holdup capacitor voltage, Output 1 current, Feed A input voltage, Feed B input voltage, and module temperature.



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