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Pin Driver Enables High-Speed Switching

The EL7156C is a 40-MHz pin driver IC suited for driving high-capacitance loads such as those found in many automated test equipment environments. The chip features two analog switches, each with an on-resistance of just 2 ohms enabling the device to switch a 15V signal in just 15 ns when driving a 2000 pF load. Propagation delays are matched to within 0.5 ns with typical values in the 10 ns range. With level-shifting capability, the chip can operate on either a single supply or dual supplies with a voltage differential between 5V and 15V. The reference for the low output voltage can also be taken down to 5V below GND. Available in both the 8-pin SOIC and 8-pin P-DIP packages, the chip is priced at $2.47 each/1000.


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