Planar Transformers Settle Into PoE, ‒48-V Network Power Apps

Planar Transformers Settle Into PoE, ‒48-V Network Power Apps

Two new series of surface-mount planar transformers from Coilcraft—the PL160 and PL300 series—bring high efficiency, DCR down to 7.2 mΩ, and leakage inductance as low as 0.20 µH to power over Ethernet (PoE) and ‒48-V network power applications. The PL160 transformers are rated for 160 W between 200 and 700 kHz with a nominal 48-V input, and the PL300s are rated to 300 W. Both provide 1500-V rms primary-to-secondary isolation and 0.009 in. clearance above the seating plane. The RoHS-compliant devices feature matte tin over nickel over brass terminations, and can be special-ordered with an optional auxiliary winding.

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