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Plug-In Module With PFC Input Delivers 500 W

With a 500-W output rating, the PFC622 plug-in (Eurocard) module from Absopulse Electronics Ltd. is designed for shallow-depth 24- or 48-V applications in industrial and other heavy-duty environments. The ruggedly constructed 6U by 220-mm by 16HP module accepts a power-factor-corrected universal input of 90 to 264 V ac (at 47 to 420 Hz). Other input/output configurations are also available. A built-in redundancy diode allows for parallel connection or N+1 redundancy. The module uses asynchronous technology for the PFC-input stage and half-bridge topology after the input stage. The power factor is corrected to a minimum of 0.97 at full load for the entire input range, which complies with EN6100-3-2, It is filtered to meet EN55022 Class A EMI requirements. Optional filtering is available to meet Class B standards.

The PFC622 features a module-fail alarm with an opto-coupler output, active in-rush current limiting, and over-voltage protection. Its output ripple/noise is less than 1% peak-to-peak, and combined line-load regulation is less than ±1% from zero load to full load. Minimum efficiency is 80% at full load. Indicators, voltage adjust, and test points are located on the front panel. The module is convection cooled and rated for full specification for temperatures from 0°C to 50°C, with extended temperature ranges also available. The PFC622 modules would typically be delivered in pre-wired 19- or 23-in. racks that can accommodate up to five modules.


Check with the company for availability.


Standard PFC622 plug-in modules cost $518 each in quantities of 100.


Visit www.absopulse.com.

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