PMBus Power-System Manager Controls/Monitors 16 Power Supplies

PMBus Power-System Manager Controls/Monitors 16 Power Supplies

The LTM2987 16-channel µModule PMBus power-system manager adds digital control and monitoring to an analog power system. Software-based configuration by Linear Technology enhances reliability of the device, which trims, margins, and monitors supply outputs with ±0.25% voltage accuracy. It builds in supply sequencing (timed and tracking), supervision, and EEPROM fault-logging, and integrates all basic passive components (low-pass RC filters, and bypass capacitance and pull-up resistors). A 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) measures supply output voltages, input voltage, and device temperature. Fast undervoltage and overvoltage supervisors prevent system malfunction and damage. Faults trigger EEPROM black-box recording, which simplifies failure analysis and provides insight into future system improvements. Multiple power system managers can be cascaded to sequence and fault-manage more than 16 rails. Over 100 PMBus-compatible commands incorporated into the LTM2897 enhance programming flexibility and provide data readback of the power system. Register configuration comes via the LTpowerPlay development environment. Operating temperature ranges from 0 to 70°C (commercial) and ‒40 to 105°C (industrial) in 144-pin, 15- by 15-mm ball-grid-array packages.


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