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Power: 200-W High-Precision, Low-Noise Supplies Look To Medical Devices

The PH220 series of 200-W high-voltage power supplies comes housed in a standard 3U-high rack-mount chassis or bench units. These devices exhibit very low noise and high-precision output characteristics, needed for MRI scanners and other systems with multiple photomultiplier tube (PMT) devices. The first released model in the series is rated for an output voltage of ­1500 V dc, with a broad range of output voltages from 100 V to higher than 5000 V possible. Either positive or negative output polarity can be factory-selected. Remote control includes voltage and current mode programming, enable input, and monitor outputs with better than 0.01% line, load, stability, and noise performance. Higher precision is optional. The supplies meet IEC 601 safety requirements. Prices start at $2980.

HiTek Power

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