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The lowpower MAX44267 operates from a single 45 to 15V power supply Images courtesy of Maxim Integrated

The low-power MAX44267 operates from a single 4.5- to 15-V power supply. (Images courtesy of Maxim Integrated)

Power Amps Perk Up Sensing Proficiency

In the perpetual quest to meet the demands wrought by today’s mobile applications, Maxim Integrated’s developed two new sensor-focused power amplifiers: the low-power MAX44627 and highly integrated MAX34407. Both operate over a wide voltage range to help optimize applications from bridge sensors to smartphones.

Capable of offering true-zero output, the low-noise, low-drift MAX44267 dual-operational amplifier incorporates charge-pump circuitry with external capacitors. Input common-mode range extends from +13.5 V to –12 V. Operating from a single 4.5- to 15-V power supply, the amplifier features a low offset voltage of 50 μV (max), drift of 0.4 μV/°C (max), and 200 nVP-P noise from 0.1 to 10 Hz. An integrated EMI filter helps reduce sensitivity to motors and other high-frequency noise generators. The device, targeted at sensor transmitters and interfaces, is part of a family of signal-chain ICs that include amplifiers, multiplexers, and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Applications include analog level shifting/conditioning, bridge sensors, PLC analog I/O modules, and pressure sensors.

The highly integrated MAX34407 optimizes code execution for maximum run time in mobile applications.

Maxim specifically designed its MAX34407 current and voltage monitor, which features a wide dynamic range, to deliver high-accuracy power-consumption measurements. Configured via a standard I2C/SMBus serial interface, the highly integrated device minimizes parts count and helps reduce printed-circuit-board space. A unidirectional current sensor offers precision high-side operation with a low full-scale sense voltage. Common-mode current ranges from 2.5 V to 15 V, and full-scale current-sense voltage is 100 mV. The accumulator optimizes code execution for maximum run time in mobile applications, suiting it for smartphones, tablets, and ultra-notebooks.

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