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Power Analyzer Software Bolsters Oscilloscope Measurements

Power Analyzer Software Bolsters Oscilloscope Measurements

For use with the HDO8000 oscilloscopes, Teledyne LeCroy announced the three-phrase Motor Driver Power Analyzer software. The mixed-signal oscilloscopes—with 8 input channels, 12-bit resolution, and up to 1 GHz bandwidth—are optimal for motor drive embedded control and power section debug. The additional three-phase power analyzer capability and motor speed and torque integration allows for drive systems to be more quickly validated and debugged. Extensive drive and motor power and efficiency measurements can also be performed.

The oscilloscope/software combination permits waveform captures from the drive power section, individual power transistors, and embedded control system. It also performs coincident three-phase power analysis of the power section waveforms in one instrument, enabling debug and analysis of all aspects of the complete motor drive. Various voltage, current, power (real, apparent, and reactive), phase angle/power factor, and efficiency parameters are calculated on acquired voltage and current waveforms and displayed in a table. The software also permits the integration of nearly any type of speed, rotation, or position sensor.


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