Electronic Design

Power: Charge-Pump Doublers Stretch Battery Life

The LTC3204EDC-3.3 charge-pump doubler generates a regulated 3.3 V from two alkaline AA cells or the equivalent nickel-metal-hydride (1.8 V) source at output currents up to 50 mA. The LTC3204EDC-5 charge-pump doubler produces 5 V output from a 2.7-V lithium-ion battery input at currents up to 150 mA. Both come in a 2- by 2-mm DFN package and operate at 1.2 MHz, which allows the use of tiny external ceramic capacitors. Burst—mode operation at light loads reduces the supply current to 48 µA to extend battery life. Available now, 1000-piece pricing starts at $1.50 each.

Linear Technology Corp.

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