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Power Controllers Include Supply Tracking And Sequencing Capabilities

The MIC2584 and MIC2585 dual-channel, hot-swap power controllers tackle the power up/down sequencing problems associated with digital ICs by means of integrated power supply tracking and sequencing functions. The controllers are said to provide true tracking of each supply to the other without the aid of external clamping diodes and without concern for load capacitance. In MIC2584, VOUT1 tracks VOUT2. The MIC2585, in turn, offers two tracking schemes: in the -1 version, VOUT2 tracks VOUT1; and in the -2 version, VOUT1 tracks VOUT2. Both devices operate on supply voltages from 1V to 13.2V and include surge protection up to 20V. Other common features include programmable inrush-current limiting, a response time to short circuits of less than 1 µs, programmable output under-voltage detection, and an array of standard protection and status-indication functions. MIC2584 in a 16-pin TSSOP and MIC2585-1/-2 in a 24-pin TSSOP are priced at $2.95 and $3.16 each/10,000, respectively. For more details, call Carolyn Lajoie at MICREL SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (510) 476-5963.


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