Electronic Design

Power: Converters Drop In To Upgrade Existing Designs

The converters in the NPX20 series are available in three industry-standard pin patterns for upgrading existing designs to higher currents and lower voltages. These single-output, isolated converters deliver 6 A at voltages down to 1.8 V. The series comprises nominal 24- and 48-V input devices. Output voltage options are 1.8, 2.5 and 3.3 V in both cases. The rated output current of 6.0 A results in output powers ranging from 10.8 to 19.8 W. Surface-mount parts have dimensions of 51.2 by 25.7 by 8.5 mm (2.02 by 1.01 by 0.33 in.). Through-hole alternatives measure 50.4 by 25.6 by 6.0 mm (1.98 by 1.00 by 0.24 in.). Unit pricing is under $24 in OEM quantities.

C&D Technologies

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