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Power Diode Boosts Efficiency Of Switching Power Circuits

The DSSK40-0015B consists of two 15V, 20A Schottky diodes assembled in a common-cathode configuration and housed in the industry-standard TO-247 package. Each diode reportedly has the industry's lowest VF spec (0.32V) for a 15V, 20A device. This reduction in forward voltage drop across the diode makes the device well-suited for use in switch mode power supplies as output rectifiers or an "OR-in" diode for parallel connected supplies. Also available is the DSSK50-0025B, a 25V common-cathode configured Schottky diode containing two 25A diodes with a low VF of 0.42V at 25A. It's best suited for output rectification in switching power supplies. Both devices are rated for operation at 150°C.

Company: IXYS CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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