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Power FET Family Eyes 50-MHz Switching Apps

With their small junction capacitance, low gate charge and very low gate impedance, this new family of power MOSFETs are expected to find wide use in very fast switching applications, such as in resonant-mode power conversion circuits rated up to 50 MHz. Low inductance packaging is also critical for high frequency operation.The new FET family presently has two members: the IXFD12N50F is rated at 12A dc and 500V and its RDS(on) is less than 0.4 ohm, while the IXFD6N100F has a 6A, 1 kV rating and a 1.9 ohm RDS(on). Current rise and fall times for the devices are less than 6 ns and 10 ns, respectively.Both devices are available for prototyping in either a TO-247 through-hole (IXFH) or SMT TO-268 package (IXFT)—tthe part numbers quoted above (IXFD) are for the FETs in die form. The 0.4 and 1.9 ohm on-resistance FETs in a TO-268 package cost $7.95 and $13.75 each/100, respectively.

Company: IXYS CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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