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Power FETs Boost DC/DC Conversion Efficiency

More than 40 new application-specific HEXFET power MOSFETs for dc/dc conversion applications have been developed for use in isolated converters rated from sub-2V to 5V. The devices provide converter efficiency improvements of up to 4% for a range of circuit topologies without further design changes. These topologies include active and passive reset and two transistor forward systems, as well as bridge and two-stage converters. The primary-side devices are optimized for fast switching with good on-resistance and very low gate charge and feature VGS ratings of 30V on all products. The secondary-side devices are optimized to work in isolated converters or for cross coupled and IC driven synchronous rectification with outputs of less than 5V. They feature fast switching with low gate charge, low on-resistance and a range of VGS ratings from 12V to 30V to match application requirements. Pricing in lots of 10,000 starts at $0.64 each for primary devices and at $0.63 each for secondary devices.


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