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Power FETs Feature Reduced Gate Charge

To ensure efficient handling of standard -48V telecomm voltages, two new 200V power MOSFETs have ben developed that feature reduced gate-charge characteristics and low on-resistances. The Si3420DV in a TSOP-6 package can handle up to 0.5A and has an on-resistance of 3.7 ohms at a 10V gate drive with a typical gate charge of 2.2 nC. The Si2320DS in a SOT-23 case handles up to 280 mA and has an on-resistance of 7 ohms and a gate charge of 1.1 nC. Also being introduced is the Si3422DV, a 200V device in a TSOP-6 case. This device features an on-resistance of 5 ohms and a typical gate charge of 2.1 nC. In 100,000-piece quantities, Si3420DV costs $0.31 each, Si3422DV costs $0.29, and Si2320DS is priced at $0.26.


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