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Power FETs Launched In SC-70 Package

Made using a TrenchFET process, the Littlefoot SC-70 family of power MOSFETs comes in a SC-70 package just 2.0 x 2.1 mm in size. The new 3- and 6-pin FETs are said to set records for on-resistance in this type of package, offering guaranteed specs at drives as low as 1.8V.
The SC-70 power FET family presently has 12 members, with three of them being single p-channel devices offering -8V (Si1405DL), -12V (Si1407DL) and -20V (Si1403DL) breakdown voltages. At a -4.5V gate drive, the FETs' on-resistance ranges from 125 to 180 milliohms, current handling is 1.8A (max.), and power dissipation for the 6-pin SC-70s is 625 mW.
The new power FET family also includes dual p-channel, n-channel and complementary n- and p-channel devices and single p-channel FETs in a 3-pin SC-70 package. Prices start at $0.15 each/100,000.


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