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Power ICs Shrink, Add Flexibility

• Maxim Integrated Products has further whittled away at low-dropout regulator packaging. The single-output MAX8532 and the dual MAX8530/31 linear regulators come in six-bump UCSPs that measure 1.63 by 1.12 mm. Their footprint is one-fifth that of the MLF package, which measures 9 mm2. www.maxim-IC.com

• Intersil has added another level of flexibility to its pulse-width-modulation (PWM) controller chips. Normally, these controllers commit to a single method of current sensing. But Intersil's Endura ISL6561 two- to four-phase PWM controller IC for VRM10 platforms permits use of either lower-MOSFET on-resistance current sensing or output-inductor-dc-resistance current sensing. www.intersil.com

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