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Power Inductors Supply 2.4-A Current In EIA 1210 Package

The BRL3225 series of power inductors from Taiyo Yuden achieves 2.4-A rated current with a 1-µH inductance value, which is the highest in the industry for an EIA 1210 size device, according to the company (see the figure). With this performance and their 3.2- by 2.5- by 1.7-mm measurements, these chip-type wire-wound devices suit digital still cameras, portable game consoles, hard-disk drives, and other applications requiring large current flows.

The seven models in the series also combine high current and inductance with low dc resistance, ranging from 0.43 Ω for the BRL3225T-1R0M to 2.5 Ω for the BRL3225T-101M. A unique sleeveless square-core winding eliminates all wasted space and thickens the lead wire inside the inductor to optimize the core shape and electrode structure of the conventional inductor design and achieve this low dc resistance.

Available now in volume, samples of the BRL3225 series cost $0.20 each with delivery in two weeks ARO.

Taiyo Yuden

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