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Power Interface Demo Showcases Universal Functionality

Green Plug will use its new Greentalk technology to power a number of electronic products from different vendors during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 8-11. The company and Innergie recently announced the Greentalk-enabled Innergie mCube90G, the first implementation of Greentalk, which is an open-system universal power interface that allows a compliant external power source to power any consumer electronics product.

Greentalk technology will power an HP TouchSmart PC; Panasonic cordless phone; Canon photo printer and camcorder; Linksys wireless router; Westinghouse digital picture frame; Dynex portable DVD player; and a cordless power drill. The demonstration will also include several 5-V devices, including iPhones and iPods.

These devices were equipped with the Green Plug power interface without vendor intervention. While each of these products has unique power needs, Greentalk enables all of them to obtain power from a smart, dynamically adaptable power hub instead of having to rely on separate, incompatible power adapters and battery chargers. In addition, using the Greentalk open system power interface, power adapters automatically stop consuming power when the device doesn’t need it.

Green Plug

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