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Power Management Device Extends Battery Life

A new family of discrete power management devices has been specifically engineered to increase battery life in notebook PCs and other portable information appliances and to increase power efficiency in desktop computers. The UltraFET Trench family utilizes the company's DenseTrench technology, a technique that increases channel density within each MOSFET. Channel density for this design is said to be more than twice that of competitive trench designs. In portable applications, this manifests itself in longer battery life; in desktop PCs and network servers, power efficiency is increased. The first member of the family, the ISL9N310A, is a 30-V MOSFET that features increased switching speeds and 50% lower gate charge and input capacitance. It is available in Dpak, D2Pak, and TO220 packages and is priced at $0.80 each/1,000.


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