Electronic Design

Power Management ICs Provide Multi-Channel Operation

ONsemi_1004-ATwo new power management integrated circuits, the NCP6924 and NCP6914 from ON Semiconductor, are optimized for battery powered systems such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, GPS systems and other portable electronics. The NCP6924 integrates two high efficiency 800 mA, 3 MHz step down dc-dc converters and four LDO voltage regulators for a total quiescent current of 105 µA. The NCP6914 integrates a single high efficiency 800 mA, 3 MHz step down dc-dc converter and four LDO regulators to deliver a low quiescent current of 72 µA. Featuring five and six voltage rails, both of these devices are sized to supply power to mixed signal modules such as cameras, or to complement power distribution to an application processor under minimum supervision. A 400 kHz/3.4 MHz I²C interface controls power up sequencing, enables and disables output power, and controls individual active output discharges. The devices are offered in 2.45 x 2.05 mm and 1.76 x 2.05 mm WLCSPs with 0.4 mm pitch. The NCP6924 is priced at $1.85 each and NCP6914 is priced at $1.35 each/10,000.

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