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Power Managers Drafted For Embedded Systems

Designed to manage MPU and MCU power in embedded systems, the MC33997, MC33998 and MC33394 power management ICs allow users to integrate power management functions without having to design all the circuitry. The MC33394 is a multi-output device with an integrated CAN transceiver. It employs a step-up/step-down switching pre-regulator that operates over an input voltage range from 3.5V to 26.5V with transients up to 45V. Other features include linear regulators with current limiting, an adjustable low-voltage linear regulator with external pass transistor, three sensor supplies, and an SPI. Sans CAN transceiver, the MC33997 and MC33998 are multiple-output devices that operate from a 5.5V to 40V input. Their 5V output is via a sensor-less current mode step-down switching regulator and the 3.3V(MC33997) and 2.6V (MC33998) outputs are delivered by a linear regulator using an external pass transistor. Each of the three ICs include digital circuitry, eliminating the need for external control logic. Prices range from $1.47 to $4.34 each/10,000. MOTOROLA INC., Austin, TX. (512) 895-2631.


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