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Power Monitoring/Control IC Optimized For 24x7 Systems

The ADM1040 multi-channel voltage and current monitor with integrated thermal management controller and on-chip EEPROM complies with the SSI standard for servers. A distinguishing feature of the device is that all power supply monitoring and control capabilities previously found in discrete designs are now embedded in a single chip. This integrated solution offers proven reliability, expediting the time-to-market and reducing overall system costs. Capabilities include monitoring analog voltages, load currents, temperature and automatic cooling fan speeds, as well as various digital status signals. An on-chip D/A converter provides an analog output for fan speed control. Among its other features are 240 VA fault protection; shutdown output for over-temperature; 512 bytes of on-chip EEPROM; and the ability to read measured values out via an integrated interface channel serial SMBus. The serial interface makes the device suitable for a variety of applications, including network servers and PCs, microprocessor-based office equipment, and test equipment and measurement instruments. The ADM1040 is priced under $2.50 each/1,000 in 24-lead TSSOPs. ANALOG DEVICES, Wilmington, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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