Electronic Design

Power-MOSFET Body-Diode Features Help Streamline Telecom Systems

The L-Series 600-V HEXFET power-MOSFET family's fast-body-diode characteristics are tailored for soft switching applications such as zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) circuits. The ZVS technique maximizes efficiency and enables higher power output in switch-mode power-supply (SMPS) circuits for broad-bandwidth telecom and datacom systems. The MOSFETs' fast body characteristics eliminate the need for additional Schottky and HV diodes in ZVS circuits. The maximum reverse recovery time for the body diodes is less than 250 ns and even shorter for lower-current devices. Pricing starts at $1.59 each in 10,000-unit lots.

International Rectifier Corp.
(310) 252-7105

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