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Power MOSFET Packaging Achieves 100% Silicon-To-Footprint Ratio

The FlipFET power MOSFETs feature a proprietary package, called true chip-scale packaging (CSP) technology, in which all of the leads are on a single side of the die. The 20-V P-channel IRF6100 (single) and the IRF6150 (bi-directional dual) measure only 1.52 mm2 and 3.05 mm2, respectively. These devices are claimed to have a 100% silicon-to-footprint ratio. Since the die is the package, it is said that stray inductance and other losses are either minimized or eliminated. An added bonus is that their size is reduced by more than 70% of TSOP-6 and SO-8 packages. Pricing for the IRF6100 and 6150 starts at $0.35 and $1.35, respectively, each/10,000.


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