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Power MOSFETs Boost 12V Converter Efficiency

Designed to increase efficiency by up to 4% in 12V input dc/dc converters, the IRF3711 and IRF3704 series 20V HEXFET power MOSFETS target multiphase buck converters that power next generation gigahertz microprocessors in high-end desktop computers and servers. These 20V devices are also suitable for 12V input point-of-load buck converters for distributed power architectures.
The IRF3711 series is designed for best performance in synchronous FET applications, while the IRF3704 performs optimally in control FET applications. The 20V maximum rating of both series is said to be a sufficient safety margin for the targeted applications. Avialable in a variety of packages, pricing starts at $0.43 each/10,000.


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