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Power MOSFETs Claim Record Low SOT-23 On-Resistance

Two pairs of Little Foot power MOSFETs in the SOT-23 package are available, one of which is the first 60V P-channel device in this package type. The 30V Si2306DS (N-channel) and Si2307DS (P-channel) devices provide maximum on-resistances of 57 milliohms and 80 milliohms, respectively, which is said to be a record for any power MOSFET in the SOT-23 package. Maximum current handling is 3.5A for the N-channel device and 3A for the P-channel MOSFET, making them useful as load switches or output drivers in hard disk drives and industrial controllers.Also available are the 60V N-channel Si2308DS and P-channel Si2309DS, which offer maximum on-resistances of 160 milliohms and 250 milliohms, respectively. These values are said to be an order of magnitude lower than competing SOT-23 devices with this drain-source voltage. All four MOSFETs can dissipate up to 1.25W, even at peak currents.


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