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Power MOSFETs Handle Very High Voltages

Housed in TO-247 packages, the 800V STW11NB80 and 900V STW9NB90 power MOSFETs offer low maximum on-resistances of 0.8 ohms and 1 ohm, respectively, and maximum continous drain currents of 11A and 9A, respectively.The devices are fabricated with the firm’s PowerMESH technology, which replaces the traditional cell geometry with a strip layout for the transistors on the chip. This not only reduces on-resistance by more than 20% and improves dynamic performance, but it also increases manufacturability by eliminating a critical mask-alignment stage. Combined with a patented edge termination structure, this results in the industry’s lowest RDS(ON) x area characteristics, as well as ultra-low gate charge and exceptional avalanche and body diode dV/dt characteristics.


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