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Power: Online UPS Protection Reaches Down To 500 V A

Relatively low-power communications products such as gateway routers, firewalls, or VPN concentrators for IP telephony can now have their own uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The Liebert GXT2-500 500-V A UPS extends the company's GXT family of Online UPSs to support critical systems with modest power requirements. Other members of the family provide protection up to 10,000 V A. Online, or double-conversion systems, convert incoming ac power to dc and then back to ac within the UPS, creating a clean, consistent waveform while isolating sensitive electronics. The GXT2-500 has four 5-15 R output receptacles and comes in a 2U rack-mount/tower configuration. It provides 28 minutes of battery runtime at full load, which can be expanded by adding battery cabinets that increase runtime by more than one hour per cabinet. Pricing starts at $460.

Emerson Network Power

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