Power Op Amp Has 330nA Current Rating

A new family of power-efficient, rail-to-rail input/output op amps and comparators from Intersil Corp. includes the ISL28194, which features a supply current rating of 330nA typical and 450nA maximum.

This family, part of Intersil’s pinPOINT Precision Analogue Product Line, also offers an op amp (ISL28195) that delivers greater bandwidth and typically consumes 1MICROA of supply current, as well as two comparators (the ISL28197 and ISL28196) that typically consume 800nA and 2.5microA, respectively.

With a single-supply input voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V, the entire family is suited for low-power precision applications running off of two 1.5V alkaline batteries, such as smoke detectors; toxic gas detectors; and temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor/monitors. Other target applications include low-power solar cell devices.

The devices' supply current ratings mean they consume less power while the devices are in operation. Also, they feature an enable/disable pin that can throttle the power consumption down to just 2nA when not in use. Operation is pushed even further by the input common-mode range of these devices, which extends all the way to the positive and negative input rail.

TAGS: Intersil
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