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Power: Slew-Rate Controlled Load Switches Support Inputs To 1.5 V

To control internal loads by slowly ramping up output voltage at a desired rate, the AAT4280A intelligent switches prevent current spikes and sags in input supply rails in portable devices. The three members of the family share an extremely low-resistance p-channel MOSFET with logic-level input and level-shifting features. On-resistance is 80 mΩ(5 V) typical, and quiescent current is 25 nA. The switches operate from 1.5 to 5.5 V, and input logic levels are TTL- and CMOS-compatible. The basic version, the AAT4280A-1, reduces in-rush current when the MOSFET is turned on. The second version, the AAT4280A-2, serves as a high-speed switch with typical turn-on of 500 ns, but it doesn't offer turn-on slew rate control or special output discharge features. The AAT4280A-3 adds a minimized slew rate limited turn-on function and a shutdown output discharge circuit to rapidly turn off a load when the switch is disabled. All three come in eight-pin SC70JW packaging. They start at $0.49 in 1000-unit quantities.

Advanced Analogic Technologies

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