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Power Switches Reduce External Component Count

The company's three new power switches packaged in the Little Foot SO-8 package are said to provide a single-package solution for a switching function that would otherwise require up to five components. The Si4788CY is a 5A, p-channel power switch designed to control several loads at their common source. The device combines an integrated level-shift feature with an on-resistance of 25 milliohms. Compatible with logic down to 1.8V, it can be control voltages from 1.8V to 5.5V. The Si4700DY is claimed to be the industry's first ground-referenced ACPI switch that facilitates the instant-power-on feature in desktop computers. Combining a true logic level input with level shift, the device eliminates the need for an external MOSFET and requires only a resistor for a complete solution. The Si4710CY is aimed at battery-disconnect applications, where two Si4710CYs used in series function as a reverse blocking switch. The device provides all the components needed for controlling battery power from a microcontroller, replacing up to eight discrete components. Features include an on-resistance of 18 milliohms and it consumes 1 µA in the off state. Pricing is $0.72 for the Si4788CY, $0.71 for the Si4700DY, and $1.65 for the Si4710CY, each/100,000, with delivery from eight to 10 weeks.


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