Electronic Design

Power: Tiny TDFN Packs A Step-Down DC-DC, Two LDOs, And A Reset Output

The MAX8620Y micro power-management integrated circuit (microPMIC) integrates a 500-mA step-down dc-dc converter, two 300-mA low-dropout linear regulators, and a 30-ms reset into a 9-mm2 TDFN package with a maximum height of 0.8 mm. The tiny package saves space compared to the 41 mm2 required by alternative designs. The device's 4-MHz synchronous step-down dc-dc converter uses a low-profile, 1-µH inductor and tiny ceramic capacitors and provides up to 92% efficiency. Its 100-ns transient response fits processor applications such as graphics processing, video streaming, and gaming. The two LDOs provide low-noise (45-µV rms) output. Prices start at $2.20 in quantities of 2500 and up. An evaluation kit is available.


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