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Power: Trench MOSFET Sports 150- To 900-mO On-Resistance

Eight small-signal, 20-V MOSFETs have their sights set on 430- to 950-mA applications, such as power load switches, power-supply converter circuits, and battery management. To protect them from electrostatic discharge, they feature integrated zener diodes on their gates. Four of these MOSFETs are p-channel devices for high-side load switching of up to 850 mA. Both single and dual modes are offered. Three are n-channel devices for low-side load switches up to 915 mA. Again, single and dual modes are offered. The last family member is a complementary n-channel/p-channel combination for integrated load switching or low-current dc-dc conversion. Packaging options comprise a six-lead, 0.6-mm profile SOT-563 and a three-lead, 0.8-mm profile SC-89 flat-lead package, plus a gull-wing, three-lead, 1.0-mm profile SC-75. The devices cost between $0.10 and $0.12 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

ON Semiconductor

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