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Power: Trio Of Eighth-Brick Converters Maxes Power Density

The Typhoon family's 300-W eighth-brick intermediate bus converter generates an isolated, unregulated 12-V/25-A output with 96% full-load efficiency. That 300 W represents 23% more useable output than the family's previous most powerful eighth-brick, raising the power density bar to 362 W/in3. Two other eighth-brick IBC converters with semi-regulated outputs in the Typhoon family have input voltage ranges optimized for telecom and computing applications. One outputs up to 300 W with an input range of 42 to 53 V dc. It generates an isolated, unregulated 12 V up to 25 A. Line regulation is specified at 10% and ­12.5% over the range of input voltages. Load regulation is maintained to within ±1.5% for all load currents. The third eighth-brick converter has a semiregulated output and two input options: a wide industry-standard 36 to 75 V dc for telecom and a narrower 48-V dc ±10% for datacom applications that do not have a well-regulated card supply voltage. Both versions generate an isolated 12 V dc. The wide-input version puts out to 17 A for a 200-W rating. The narrow input version puts out up to 20 A (240 W). In OEM quantities of 1000, unit prices are $39.95 for the 25-A fixed ratio model, $45 for the 20-A narrow-input model, and $49 for the wide-input 17-A model.

Artesyn Technologies

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