Press-Pack IGBT Arrives In 6.5-kV Version

IXYS UK extended its press-pack IGBT family with a 6.5-kV device that features a 258-A dc collector current rating and repetitive peak current rating of over 500 A. The T0258HF65G asymmetrical-blocking IGBT integrates a fully rated anti-parallel diode within its hermetic press-pack package. The package has an overall diameter of 100 mm, including 66-mm-diameter copper electrodes. Internal construction, based on the company’s 4.5-kV product lines, has a larger individual die size to optimize die active area and overall efficiency rating. Built-in robustness comes from enhanced thermal cycling endurance and double-sided cooling. Applications include medium voltage drives for industrial, marine, and renewable energy infrastructure (e.g., wind generation); traction (e.g., light-rail and auxiliary-power supplies), and HVDC and infrastructure such as grid interconnects.



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