Programmable Step-Down Power Modules Boast 2.75-mm Profile

Programmable Step-Down Power Modules Boast 2.75-mm Profile

Exar entered the power module market with two multi-output, synchronous step-down, programmable devices—the XRP9710 and XRP9711. With their low 2.75-mm profile, the 5- to 22-VIN modules are mountable on the back of boards such as PCIe cards and telecom line cards.

Both squeeze two fully integrated regulators with MOSFETs, inductors, and internal input and output capacitors into a 12- by 12- by 2.75-mm package that support loads up to 6 A. The XRP9711 also includes two controller outputs, each capable of driving loads up to 30 A.

The modules offer full control via a SMBus-compliant I2C interface, allowing for advanced local- and remote-reconfiguration, full performance monitoring and reporting, as well as fault handling. No external components are needed to program output voltages from 0.6 up to 5.5 V.


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